It's when you use concentrated nutritional fruit extracts and vegetables for a healthy lifestyle, illness prevention, detoxification and supplementary treatment of allergies, digestive disorders, skin diseases, obesity, insomnia and much more.

What is Juice Therapy?

A Natural Juice Therapist will help you to address your personal health issues using the magnificent health properties of nature. By flushing the body with freshly extracted fruits and vegetable juices that are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes and more, your health balance will be

restored and you will be on the journey to achieve optimum health and vibrancy.

A Natural Juice Therapist will never diagnose your condition but

will ‘prescribe’ (so to speak) particular fruit and vegetable juices, plans and

supplements where necessary for whatever particular condition you have, to help your body to

heal. A Natural Juice Therapist will look at your history, find what could work for you and your lifestyle and act as a ‘health coach’ as well as Juice Therapist.

PLEASE NOTE: always consult a doctor before using Natural Juice Therapy and

   never come off of any medical drugs without permission from your GP.

Hi, my name is Andrea Okos,

I'm an independent Natural Juice Therapist who's here to inspire

you, help you become the

person you want to be,

while teaching you to love

yourself and achieve your


And I am?

I have successfully completed the Juice Master’s Juice Therapy course and participated in the Juice Academy. This is a comprehensive course covering Biology; Anatomy & Physiology; Nutrition and Juicing. The course is accredited by the CMA

  (Complimentary Medical Association) and

     ‘Juice Master is registered

       and recognized as a school of

               Natural Juice Therapy.

PLEASE NOTE: I am an independent therapist

   and I do not work for Juice Master.


I used to live the American dream: working long hours, not exercising and eating ready-made meals. As a result I became overweight and

         suffered from eczema. I tried

               many diets and even

                started to run 5Ks,

               but nothing really helped.


Fruit n veg are tasty!!

- 16kg

in just

3 mths

After extensive research I have done something very simple: I cleaned my body of the accumulated toxicity and instead of dieting I started to focus on lifestyle changes that would last. As a result, not only my eczema disappeared in less than three months, but my weight has also melted away.


"I lost 35 lbs / 16 kg / 2.5 stones."

"no more



Contact me.

Now, my energy level increased, my self-esteem came back and I started to love myself for how I looked and for the person I became.





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